We’re Coming Back To Mill Valley!

After a sold out show in March, we are so excited to announce we’ll be coming back to Mill Valley’s famed Sweetwater Music Hall for a repeat performance on Wednesday, Oct. 15!

We can’t wait to rock it at Sweetwater again, and we have an amazing show planned with new songs, awesome games, killer prizes and a hilarious set from super-star comedian (and mom) Kira Soltanovich. We packed the house to the rafters last time, so be sure to get your tickets early. It’s gonna be a GREAT show!

(And guess what? We’re bringing our families on this trip! Woot woot! Watch out, San Francisco!)

When: Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014
Where: Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley CA
Time: 8pm (doors 7pm)
Tickets: $22 LINK TO BUY
Why: Because you deserve a night out, dammit.
Headlining Sponsor: EZPZ All-in-one- Placemat and Plate
Show Sponsors: 9Months Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine // Fit4Mom Marin

Mill Valley Promo Image Full

Our Chicago Show Sponsors are Awesome

We can’t believe we get to go back to Chicago – a city very, very near and dear to both of us – and we can’t believe we’re gonna Pump It at Mayne Stage! SUCH a cool place and run by the coolest people!

Even better, we have awesome sponsors, so prepare yourself for an evening of comedy, music, drinking, cursing and fab prizes from these fine folks. Please check out their sites!

Chicago Awesome Sponsors

9 Months Non-Alchoholic Sparkling WineNo hesitation, join the celebration! 9Month’s sparkling beverages are made from grapes grown in southern Australia and produced in a family owned winery by some of the most skilled wine and juice makers in the world. They’re packaged in 750ml sparkling wine bottles in the traditional and well known style full metallic hood and most importantly a genuine cork and muselet to pop, so pregnant and breastfeeding moms can always join in the celebration! PUMP AND DUMP SPECIAL: Use code “PUMP” at checkout for 25% off all bottles!

GIT Mom – A full service parent coaching firm dedicated to helping Moms get it together so that they have more time to do the activities they most enjoy, while also giving their children the kind of parenting they need. Invite GIT Mom over for a “girls night in” to drink wine and talk about parenting. GIT Mom will provide real-life, simple tools and solutions to any issues your group is facing, and you’ll laugh in the process! PUMP AND DUMP SPECIAL: $150 (reg $250)

Birthways Doulas – Since 1917 Birthways has been making life with a new baby sweet, tender and easier with doula care that covers your new
parent concerns, helps you get breastfeeding off to a great start, feeds you nourishing meals, and allows you time to brush your teeth AND shower and get restorative sleep (for real!). An amazing resource and community for Chicago area families.

Fresh Ground Health – Private and Group-based Holistic Health Coaching and Meal Creation Mentoring, providing time and space for YOU to feed your body and NOURISH your soul.

A Recap of our Big Fat New York and Boston Shows

I think the broken capillaries and dark circles are beginning to recede around my eyes, but this fact in no way diminishes the long term impact (and, possibly, damage) our tour to the East Coast will have on Shayna and myself.  Wow. What a trip.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve likely seen the planes and trains we took to get from Denver to New York to Boston and back again, but that’s only half the story.  In NY we stayed with Shay’s old friends in Astoria and I kind of love it there. We performed at the infamous Joe’s Pub on July 30th and the show was so so so so fun. Our guest comic Carolyn Castiglia brought down the house. Literally. And her rap to The Most F-ed Up cards we read was nothing short of brilliant and hilarious. If anyone got that on camera, PLEASE SEND!

photo courtesy of bluum

photo courtesy of bluum

Shayna Ferm at Joe's Pub

Guest comic Carolyn Castiglia storming the stage

Guest comic Carolyn Castiglia storming the stage

We got a dressing room! We're into it.

We got a dressing room! We’re into it.

Photobombing Shay while she warms up.

Photobombing Shay while she warms up.

We had the BEST sponsors for this show, with some sweet prizes. Our headlining sponsor, bluum, gave away an entire year subscription to their amazing boxes, and when they found out the winner had two boys, they gave her a second year’s subscription so both boys could get one.  I mean seriously, she is set UP! Can you imagine getting a bluum box for a whole year?  The gorgeous Adrienne from Nurse Purse came to the show and donated a fabulous pump bag to a lucky guest. We LOVE this brand, and if you’re tired of schlepping that ugly black poly pumping bag around town, Nurse Purse is the bag for you. In addition to being an awesome entrepreneur, Adrienne has been amazingly supportive of our show and promoted the crap out of our NY date.  I know we say this a lot, but seriously – anyone and everyone who has helped us spread the word about the Pump and Dump has a special place in our heart. We’re just a two-woman team, and getting the word out isn’t easy. We couldn’t do it without our friends both new and old!

Last but not least we have an exciting new sponsor who will be with us for all of our touring shows: 9Months Non-Alcoholic Wine. Their motto – why stop celebrating just because you’re pregnant? We couldn’t agree more! We’ll be giving away lots of 9Months to preggers moms over the next few months…pop it open and feel like you’re part of the party. These awesome sponsors made our show so special for all the NYC moms who made it out. It was a delight to perform at Joe’s and we are so grateful for the amazing audience.

Awesome Sponsors for The Pump and dump Show

LOVE this pic. NY was a big reunion for us. Friends (all the way back from junior high w/ me and Shay) and family all came out to see the show.

LOVE this pic. NY was a big reunion for us. Friends (from all the way back from junior high w/ me and Shay, to her decade in NYC) and family all came out to see the show.


Anyway, we made it through our NY debut, and off we went to Swift to whoop it up kid free with our NY friends. Two things: 1) Shay and I usually go right home after shows and crash out. We have to get up early too, and late night partying just isn’t an option. Ergo, we don’t normally do this. 2) MC Doula shouldn’t drink vodka. We’ll keep it at that. Oh, and 3) Ana Gastayer came to our show, laughed hard, and then met up with us after. We’re pretty smitten.


How cute are the folks at bluum? Answer: SO cute. And so nice!

How cute are the folks at bluum? Answer: SO cute. And so nice!


These mamas got stuck in traffic and drove an hour and a half from Jersey to see the show. We heart them.

These mamas got stuck in traffic and drove an hour and a half from Jersey to see the show. We heart them.

Our friends from XO Group: Carley Roney and Danielle von Zerneck; Shay's bestie, Katherine and a totally rad SNL alum.

Our friends from XO Group: Carley Roney and Danielle von Zerneck; Shay’s bestie, Katherine and a totally rad SNL alum.

Then we were off to Boston to perform at MommyCon.  After a four hour train ride and a comedic taxi cab adventure involving a pit stop to pick up a piano and stand, bribery, and promises of dedicating the show to our driver, we arrived at the gorgeous Revere Hotel (seriously, it’s gorg) and were so happy we didn’t have to share a pull out couch bed for the night. Yay for hotels!

Grabbing the train at Penn Station.

Grabbing the train at Penn Station.

Train station #selfie. Is that a thing?

Train station #selfie. Is that a thing?

Two moms. On the road. Traveling like we're 22.

Two moms. On the road. Traveling like we’re 22.

Also: Yay for Lobster rolls.  Gotta love Boston.


Thanks SO much to our amazing sponsors that made this show possible: Bebe Au Lait and Lansinoh are tops in our book, and we were honored to do a show for them.   We were reunited with guest comic Nato Green who tore the house down at our San Francisco shows, and Shay rocked her newest song. “If Daddies Made Milk” while I just about laughed myself off my seat.

Wine from our sponsors :)

Wine from our sponsors :)

photo from The Leaky Boob on Imstagram

photo from The Leaky Boob on Instagram

So great to meet the founders of MommyCon!

So great to meet the founders of MommyCon!

We had another fun show and the whole evening was topped with the proverbial cherry when we wandered into a nearby bar and a table of gorgeous mamas sent over two glasses of wine to us.  They all get together for a mom’s night out once a month and decided to come see the P&D. So nice! We were so flattered and it’s always great to meet awesome moms. Thanks ladies!

The Pump and Dump Show Boston

After some highly caloric bar food we stumbled back to the hotel and Shayna literally passed out mid-sentence while I tried to pack. To say we were tired is an understatement. It’s so so so hard and stressful to leave our kids, and 15 hours of travel, two shows in two states, plus meetings, catching up with friends, a doozy of a period (why? WHY??) and having to put on makeup 200% more than we normally do in a given week took it’s toll for sure.  That said, we’ll never forget this trip for the rest of our lives. Someday, when our kids are having their own kids and Shay and I are all grumpy and gray-haired, we’ll look back on this amazing adventure and laugh HARD. The world is good. Our kids are good. We love this show, and we’re grateful for every day we get to do it. Thank you, East Coast. We hope to see you again soon!

Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee at Joe's Pub in NYC

MC Doula

Our NYC Show Sponsors Are Awesome

Awesome Sponsors for The Pump and dump Show

We have a such a fun show planned for our New York City debut on July 30th, and we’re so thrilled that our sponsors are gonna be there to Pump It Up with us.  You guys, our Headlining Sponsor, bluum is giving away an entire YEAR LONG subscription! That’s insane!

Please take a moment to check out the sites from these fine folks, and support them if you can…they all offer fantastic goods and services we know you’ll love.

bluum – A monthly subscription service where you can discover new products for parent and baby (from pregnancy to pre k). Each box is 100% customized to your child’s age, gender and developmental stage, and is packed with expertly curated full sized goodies like moisturizer, baby food, books, and toys from your favorite brands. We’re obsessed. And it’s super easy to send as a great gift.  If you want to try it out, use code PUMPLADIES for 50% off your first box. Woot!

Nurse Purse – Ditch the gross pumping bag for a cute and roomy Nurse Purse you won’t mind taking anywhere.

9months – Amazing-to-drink non-alchoholic sparkling wines created to allow every pregnant gal to celebrate all 9 months long.

MommybitesMommybites.com connects moms and moms-to-be with parenting resources, education, and support though a variety of free online classes.

We’ve been Pumping and Dumping elsewhere…

We’ve been working with some fine folks who have sites waaaay cooler than ours, so we’re pretty stocked to be involved.  If you want a few more laughs, you can find us over at The Bump Blog and also HuffPost Parents:

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OH! And we’ve also been nominated for Best Live Comedy Show over on Denver A-List. If you’re reading this, and happen to agree, we’d sure love it if you threw us a vote. A little birdie told us that every time someone votes for us, a breast pump gets her wings.

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