Upcoming Shows

Hey, we get tired too. But we think the night out will do you good.  Our shows typically run about an hour and a half, so you can be back home and in bed before 10pm, so call your breeder friends and leave the house for a bit. We promise you’ll be ok.



3/7 FT. COLLINS, CO: Nyx & Nox Lounge| 7pm (doors 6pm) | With Special Guest  Comic (and mom!) Stephanie McHugh | PURCHASE TICKETS
TEMPE, AZ: Tempe Improv | $17 | 8:00pm (doors 7:00pm)| PURCHASE TICKETS | With Special Guest Comic (and mom!) Debbie Scheer
3/18 DENVER SOUTH:  Comedy Works South at The Landmark | $15 | 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)| With Special Guest Comic (and dad!) Damian Griffin | PURCHASE TICKETS
3/25 DENVER: Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret | $15 | 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)| With Special Guest Comic (and dad!) Damian Griffin | PURCHASE TICKETS


4/16 CHICAGO, IL: Mayne Stage | 7:30pm |With Special Guest Comic (and dad!) Sean Flannery | PURCHASE TICKETS
4/22 DENVER SOUTH:  Comedy Works South at The Landmark | $15 | 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)| PURCHASE TICKETS


6:30pm: Doors Open + Treat Yourself Cocktail Party
8pm: Show
10pm: Dance Party!
Presented by The Bump & Comedy Works Entertainment
** goodie bags for EVERYONE!
** photo wall, prizes prizes prizes and SO. MUCH. FUN.


6/5 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: Studio Bee at Pike’s Peak Event Center | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS
6/10 KANSAS CITY, MO: Kansas City Improv | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS (go to “calendar” and scroll through to our date)
6/11 CLEVELAND, OH: Hilarities 4th St Theatre at Pickwick & Frolic | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS


9/2 OMAHA, NE: Omaha Funny Bone  |  7:30pm | Tickets on sale soon
9/12 FORT COLLINS, CO: Tickets on sale soon
9/16 IRVINE, CA: Irvine Improv | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS
9/17 ONTARIO, CA: Ontario Improv  |  7:30pm  |  PURCHASE TICKETS
9/23 DENVER SOUTH: Comedy Works South at The Landmark | $20 | 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm) | PURCHASE TICKETS
9/30 NEW YORK, NY: Gotham Comedy Club | 8pm | PURCHASE TICKETS


10/1 ARLINGTON, VA: Arlington Drafthouse | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS
10/7 NASHVILLE, TN: Zanies Comedy Night Club | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS
10/15 TEMPE, AZ: Tempe Improv | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS
10/21 DENVER SOUTH: Comedy Works South at The Landmark | $20 | 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)| PURCHASE TICKETS


11/4 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: Ft. Lauderdale Improv | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS
11/5 WEST PALM BEACH, FL: West Palm Beach Improv | 7:30pm | PURCHASE TICKETS
11/18 DENVER SOUTH: Comedy Works South at The Landmark | $20 | 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm) | PURCHASE TICKETS

More nationwide tour dates coming soon! Contact us if you’d like The Pump and Dump to come to your city!

54 thoughts on “Upcoming Shows

  1. I attended you show tonight, it was outrageous. All the things that go on in our heads you put out there and make it HILARIOUS! Thank you for the awesome show, I can’t wait for the next one and I will make sure my sister goes with me!

    • Karin,

      Thank you for taking the time to say such nice things! We think “outrageous” is absolutely the best way to describe this show, and we are so glad you had a great time.

      – Shayna and Doula

  2. I am totally bummed I won’t make the Tempe performance. I am the founder/inventor/(janitor) of a company dedicated to designing better pump parts. Our office is right down the street from The Improv. I am so close to your show, figuratively and physically and I can’t go:-( How ironic that instead of the show, I’m doing my parental duty and taking kids to CA for spring break. Would love to meet you all sometime. Happy to donate my best ‘pump nightmare’ material. Keep up the good work. Sincerely

  3. Will you be coming for a show in Philadelphia any time soon? I know a lot of mamas (and some papas) that would love to see your show!

  4. Would love to see you in Madison, WI!! Possibly at the comedy club on State?!?! I am a daycare provider and know this would be an evening of comedy I would enjoy!!!

  5. Please come to San Diego! We have a couple chapters of MOMS Club in the area and this would be right up our alley as a Mom’s night out!

  6. Hi. I was at the Mother’s Day eve show this past weekend! As a mother of 4, that includes twin 3 year olds, your show was exactly what I needed! Absolutely hilarious! You read my mind! Loved it! I will absolutely be at the next Colorado show!

  7. When are you coming to NH?? There are a lot of us mommies who could use a night out at your show. It sounds hysterical!!

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